Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-120-0400
Precautionary Procedures: Caution Signs


Standard radiation symbol: Unless otherwise authorized by the Authority, the symbol prescribed by this division must use the colors magenta, purple, or black on yellow background. The symbol prescribed by this division is the three-bladed design: [Symbol not included. See ED. NOTE.]


Cross-hatched area is to be magenta, or purple, or black; and


The background is to be yellow.


Exception To Color Requirements For Standard Radiation Symbol. Notwithstanding the requirements of section (1) of this rule, licensees and registrants are authorized to label sources, source holders, or device components containing sources of licensed materials that are subjected to high temperatures, with conspicuously etched or stamped radiation caution symbols and without a color requirement.


Additional Information On Signs and Labels. In addition to the contents of signs and labels prescribed in this division, the licensee may provide, on or near the required signs and labels, additional information, as appropriate, to make individuals aware of potential radiation exposures and to minimize the exposures.
[ED NOTE: Symbol referenced is available from the agency.]

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