Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-120-0670
Records of Waste Disposal


Each licensee shall maintain records of the disposal of licensed materials made under OAR 333-120-0510 (Waste Disposal: Method for Obtaining Approval of Proposed Disposal Procedures), 333-120-0520 (Waste Disposal: Disposal by Release into Sanitary Sewerage), 333-120-0530 (Waste Disposal: Treatment of Disposal by Incineration), 333-120-0540 (Waste Disposal: Disposal of Specific Wastes), 10 CFR Part 61, and disposal by burial in soil, including burials authorized before January 28, 1981.


The licensee shall maintain the records required by section (1) of this rule until the Authority terminates each pertinent license requiring the record. Requirements for disposition of these records, prior to license termination are located in OAR 333-100-0055 (Records), 333-102-0355 (Special Requirement for a Specific License to Manufacture, Assemble, Repair or Distribute Commodities, Products or Devices Which Contain Radioactive Material: Records) and 10 CFR Part 72.80 for licensed activities.

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