OAR 411-305-0200
Statement of Purpose


The rules in OAR chapter 411, division 305 prescribe standards, responsibilities, and procedures for Community Developmental Disabilities Programs to partner with families and other community-based networks in the coordination of supports and services to:


Maximize independence and increase the ability of a child to engage in a life that is fully integrated into the community;


Increase the ability of a family to care for their child in the family home; and


Strengthen the role of the family as the primary caregiver.


Family support services include the supports and services described in OAR 411-305-0235 (Supports and Services).


Family support services are individualized and built on family support and child and family-centered planning.

Source: Rule 411-305-0200 — Statement of Purpose, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-305-0200.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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