OAR 411-305-0215
Required Services


In addition to the assistance provided by a CDDP as described in OAR 411-415-0080 (Accessing Developmental Disabilities Services), the CDDP must provide or arrange for the following services to support all children enrolled in family support services:


ACCESS TO FAMILY SUPPORT FUNDING. The CDDP must assist families and children to access family support funds when available.


CASE MANAGEMENT. The CDDP must provide case management services in accordance with the standards described in OAR 411-415-0050 (Standards for Case Management Services).


SUPPORT NEEDS ASSESSMENT. The CDDP must assist a family to determine the support needs of their child and to assist the family to care for the child in the family home and community.


An assessment for family support services must be conducted as described in OAR 411-305-0225 (Needs Assessment and Service Planning) when a child:
Is enrolled in developmental disabilities services as described in OAR 411-305-0220 (Eligibility, Enrollment, and Exit) and is only accessing family support services, including case management only;
Enters case management services as described in OAR 411-415-0030 (Eligibility for Case Management Services - Entry, Exit, Transfers); and
Is not expected to have a functional needs assessment, as described in OAR 411-415-0060 (Assessment Activities), to access other ODDS-funded services.


Assessments used to determine required supports and services, preferences, and resources, may include documentation of an eligibility determination for developmental disabilities services as described in OAR 411-320-0080 (Application and Eligibility Determination), including evaluations and plans available from other service systems.


When a child is determined eligible for developmental disabilities services consistent with OAR 411-320-0080 (Application and Eligibility Determination), the CDDP must inform the family about family support services, including Department policy and the In-Home Expenditure Guidelines when applicable. The CDDP must provide accurate, up-to-date information that must include the following:


The process for accessing family support funds and for determining the amount available to purchase supports.


Common processes encountered in using family support services, including how to raise and resolve concerns.


The responsibility of providers of family support services and CDDP employees as mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse.


A description of the responsibilities of the family in regard to the use of public funds.


An explanation of the rights of the family to select and direct providers, qualified according to OAR 411-305-0240 (Standards for Providers), to provide supports and services authorized through an Annual Plan and purchased with family support funds.


Procedures to address complaints regarding the delivery of family support services that have not been resolved using the complaint procedures (informal or formal) of a provider agency. The complaint procedures must be consistent with the requirements in OAR 411-318-0015 (Complaints).


An assurance that additional information about family support services shall be made available at the request of the family. Additional information may include, but is not limited to, the following:


A description of the organizational structure of the CDDP.


A description of any contractual relationships the CDDP has in place or may establish to accomplish the family support service functions required by these rules.


If applicable, a description of the relationship between the CDDP and the Family Support Policy Oversight Group.


The CDDP must make information required in sections (1) and (2) of this rule available using language, format, and presentation methods appropriate for effective communication according to the needs and abilities of each family.
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