OAR 411-305-0210
Program Administration and Operation


FAMILY LEADERSHIP. The CDDP may appoint a Family Support Policy Oversight Group to advise and assist the CDDP in matters related to family support services such as evaluating the effectiveness of family support services, evaluating family satisfaction with family support services, improving availability of resources to meet the support needs, and developing the plan for managing family support funds required by OAR 411-305-0230 (Managing Family Support Funds and Conditions of Purchase). When the CDDP elects to appoint a Family Support Oversight Group, the CDDP must develop and have available for review brief written descriptions of the purpose and scope of the Group, how membership is determined, and what process is used to resolve concerns or disagreements between the CDDP and the Group.


PROGRAM MANAGEMENT. The CDDP must ensure the provision of family support services are in accordance with the program management and responsibilities described in OAR 411-320-0030 (Organization and Program Management) and 411-320-0040 (Program Responsibilities).


SERVICE RECORDS. In addition to the service record requirements described in OAR 411-320-0070 (Service Records), the CDDP must maintain the following documentation specific to family support services:


The date a child is enrolled in the family support program for case management only.


The date when a child is referred to other programs and services, if family support funds are not available.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. The CDDP may coordinate with other agencies and community partners to develop and manage expansion of resources required to meet the support needs of children and families. Assurance of agency coordination is in accordance with OAR 411-320-0040 (Program Responsibilities).


QUALITY ASSURANCE. The CDDP must participate in statewide quality assurance, service evaluation, and program regulation activities as directed by the Department in OAR 411-320-0045 (Quality Assurance Responsibilities).


VARIANCES. The Department may grant a variance as described in OAR 411-320-0200 (Variances).

Source: Rule 411-305-0210 — Program Administration and Operation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-305-0210.

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