OAR 413-310-0460
Obtaining Money on a Child’s Behalf


Federal Benefits — (SSA, SSI, RRB, VA, etc.):


The local branch office will make application for the Department to become Representative Payee on behalf of a child in substitute care placement. Application for Social Security Administration benefits (SSA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s benefits (VA), Railroad Retirement benefits (RRB), military allotments or other similar recurring benefits must be filed with the payor organization on behalf of the director of the Department using the Department branch address. The signature on the application for these benefits will appear as: “branch manager name,” branch manager, for the director, Department of Human Services.
NOTE: The Department shall remain Representative Payee for a child until Department custody is terminated, even if the child does not remain in a paid placement.


The first check received following application may be a “lump sum” covering several months which may or may not include time that the child is in the custody of the Department. A letter of explanation from the payor organization will accompany or follow this first check. If this information is not received, the branch office shall contact the local benefit office.


Upon receiving the first regular monthly benefit check, or award letter stating the benefit amount, the branch office shall initiate action to establish a Direct Deposit by completing the appropriate worksheet(s) (CF 297, Social Security Benefits (SSA or SSI); CF 298, Veterans Benefits; or CF 299, Railroad Benefits). Before submitting the worksheet to the cashier in Central Office, the branch office shall enter the benefit information on the IIS system using the ICMC screen. Upon receiving the work sheet, the Central Office cashier will review the transaction to insure that the correct benefit number, amount and “D” for direct deposit were entered.


The cashier in Central Office will complete the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Social Security (SF1199) or Civil Services, Railroad Retirement and Veteran’s Affairs (SF1199A) and submit it to the bank which will process and forward the forms to the appropriate payor agency for action.


All federal benefit checks received by the branch office are to be credited into the Maintenance Section subaccount of the appropriate Trust Account and deposited directly into the local bank. SSI benefits are to be recorded as current month receipts and all other Federal Benefits are to be identified as prior months’ receipts.


Court Ordered Support (Child Support Program (CSP)):


Court ordered support payments are generally collected by the Child Support Program (CSP), Division of Child Support, Department of Justice. Money collected through CSP is transmitted daily via computer tape to the Department’s IIS Fiscal System. These amounts will appear as a “70” receipt code on the IFDD Screen;


Each branch must review the Trust Accounts every year to identify children who have had support money collected through CSP to insure that the appropriate application against the cost of care has been made. When Lump Sum arrearage money is received from CSP, and the fiscal subsystem can not make automatic application, the Trust Clerk will be responsible for preparing a CF 198 to reimburse th Department for any unreimbursed cost of care.


Voluntary Payments:


This includes money sent voluntarily by the family, relative or friends directly to the branch office for support of a child in the Department’s custody. This money is to be identified as support for the child and is to be credited to the maintenance account in the child’s Trust Account;


Money may also be sent which is designated for a specific purpose (e.g., to purchase a bicycle for the child, child’s earnings, etc.). This money is to be credited to the special account of the child’s Trust Account.




Trust Accounts accrue interest monthly based upon earnings made by the State Treasurer’s Office on investment of all trust money held;


Interest is posted to each Trust Account, by source, based upon the daily balance in each account. Interest earned on Maintenance Account Sources is available to reimburse cost of care. Special account interest is available for the child’s needs or special purposes as identified by the donor.

Source: Rule 413-310-0460 — Obtaining Money on a Child’s Behalf, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=413-310-0460.

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