OAR 414-205-0120


Pre-mixed sanitizers and disinfectants that are EPA registered and meet Oregon Health Authority criteria may be used in all areas of the home per manufacturer instructions.


All caregivers and children must wash their hands with soap and warm, running water:


Before handling food;


Before assisting with feeding;


Before and after eating;


After diapering;


After using the toilet;


After assisting someone with toileting;


After nose wiping;


After playing outside; and


After touching an animal or handling pet toys.


Hand sanitizers shall not replace hand washing. If hand sanitizers are present in the home, they shall be kept out of children’s reach and shall not be used on children.


All toys, equipment and furniture used by children must be cleaned, rinsed and sanitized regularly and whenever soiled.


Diaper changing surfaces must be either:


Non-absorbent and easily disinfected;


Disposed of after each use; or


Laundered after each use.


The diaper changing area shall be located so that hand washing can occur immediately after diapering without contacting other surfaces or children.


The building and grounds must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.


All garbage, solid waste, and refuse must be disposed of regularly, in a safe and sanitary manner.


Bio-contaminants including but not limited to bodily fluids and blood shall be disposed of in a manner that prevents exposure to children.


The home’s water supply must be safe to drink.


Wading pools are prohibited for wading.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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