OAR 414-205-0065
Children in Care


A family child care provider may care for a maximum of 10 children under 13 years of age, or under age 18 if a child with special needs, at any one time. This includes the provider’s own children, the child care children, foster children, and any other children for whom the provider is responsible.


Of the 10 children under 13 years of age or under age 18 years of age with special needs, the provider may care for:


A maximum of 6 children preschool age or younger, including the provider’s children, of which only 2 children may be under 24 months of age.


Four school-age children, in addition to the six children preschool-age or younger.


More school-age children if there are fewer than 6 children preschool age or younger, as long as there are no more than 10 children in the home at any one time.


Other children, including but not limited to relatives, neighborhood children or friends of the provider’s children, are included in the maximum number of 10 children allowed in care if their parents or other adults responsible for supervising them are not present in the home or are not directly supervising their own child(ren).


Visiting children and their parents or others directly supervising them can be in the family child care home only on an occasional basis.


No child younger than 6 weeks of age can be in care in a family child care home. This does not include the provider’s child(ren).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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