Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-080-0016
Santiam Unit

The Santiam Unit, number 16, is that area beginning at Lebanon; north on Brewster Road to Lacomb Road; east on Lacomb Road to Kowitz Road; north on Kowitz Road to Baptist Church Drive; west on Baptist Church Drive to Richardson Gap Road; north on Richardson Gap Road to State Highway 226; northeast on State Highway 226; west on State Highway 22 to Cascade Highway near Stayton; north on Cascade Highway to State Highway 213 at Silverton; northeast on State Highway 213 to State Highway 211; northeast on State Highway 211 to Sandy; north on Teneyck Road to Sandy River; northwest down Sandy River to state line in Columbia River; northeast along state line to Multnomah-Hood River County line; southeast along Multnomah-Hood River County line to Lolo Pass; southeast along Pacific Crest Trail to Barlow Pass; west on Highway 35 to Highway 26; southeast on Highway 26 to junction of Highway 216; west and then south along the west boundary of The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon (CTWSRO) (McQuinn Strip line) to summit of Mt. Jefferson; south along the west CTWSRO boundary and the Cascade crest (Jefferson/Linn Co. line) to the junction of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) in Township 11 South Range 8 East Sec 17 then south on PCT to U.S. Highway 20126 at Santiam Pass. PCT west on U.S. Highway 20 to Lebanon; point of beginning. (The McQuinn Strip portion of the White River Unit and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation was closed to public hunting September 21, 1992 until further notice).

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