Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-080-0063
Keating Unit

The Keating Unit, number 63, is that area beginning at North Powder; northeast and southeast along Powder River to State Highway 203; northeast on State Highway 203 to Medical Springs; southeast and northeast on Big Creek Road 67 to Big Creek and north on Big Creek to Forest Road 7740050; east and north on Forest Road 7740050 to Forest Road 7740 and to Forest Road 77; east on Forest Road 77 to Flagstaff Butte Road 7700582; east on road 7700582 to Flagstaff Butte; north along the divide between the Catherine Creek and Eagle Creek drainages to Granite Butte; east along summit of Eagle Mountains to Hawkins pass; south to Jackson Peak: south to Krag Peal; south and east to Crater Lake; north and east to Red Mt; north and east to Blue Creek Trail (1865) north of Cornucopia; south along Blue Creek Trail to Pine Creek; south and east along Pine Creek to State Highway 86; southwest on State Highway 86 to Old Richland-Halfway Highway (Sag Road); south on Sag Road to Powder River arm of Brownlee Reservoir; west along Powder River to State Highway 86 near Goose Cr; west on Highway 86 to Interstate Highway 84; north on Interstate Highway 84 to North Powder, point of beginning.

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