Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-080-0062
Pine Creek Unit

The Pine Creek Unit, number 62, is that area beginning at Cornucopia; north on Blue Creek Trail (1865) to the summit of Eagle Mountains; west and south along summit of Eagle Mountains to Red Mt; west and south on summit of Eagle Mts to Crater Lake; north and west on summit if Eagle Mts to Krag Peak; north on summit of Eagle Mts to Jackson Peak; north to Hawkins Pass; east and north along South Fork Imnaha River and Imnaha River to Dry Creek; southeast along Dry Creek and northeast along North Fork Dry Creek to Summit Road; north and northeast on Summit Road to Thirty-two Point Creek; east along Thirty-two Point Creek to Snake River; south along Snake River to the mouth of Powder River; west along Powder River arm of Brownlee Reservoir to the old Richland-Halfway Highway (Sag Road); north on Sag Road to Highway 86; northeast on Highway 86 to Pine Creek; northwest along Pine Creek to Cornucopia, point of beginning.

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