Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-080-0018
Alsea Unit

The Alsea Unit, number 18, is that area beginning at Corvallis; southwest on State Highway 34 to Decker Road; southeast on Decker Road to Bell fountain Road; south on Bellfountain Road to Bellfountain; east on Dawson Road (County Road 45200) to State Highway 99W; south on State Highway 99W to Monroe; south on Territorial Road to State Highway 36; southwest on State Highway 36 to north shoreline of Triangle Lake; southwest along Triangle Lake shoreline, Lake Creek, Siuslaw River and north shoreline of Siuslaw Bay to Pacific Ocean; north along Pacific Ocean coastline to north shoreline of Siletz Bay; easterly along north shoreline of Siletz Bay, Siletz River and South Fork of Siletz River to Valsetz; east on Valsetz-Falls City main county road to Falls City; southeast along Bridgeport Road (No. 864), Gardner Road (No. 865) and Airlie Road (No. 7) to State Highway 99W; south on State Highway 99W to Corvallis, point of beginning.

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Jun. 8, 2021