Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Rule Rule 635-080-0021
Indigo Unit

The Indigo Unit, number 21, is that area beginning at Oakridge; southeast on State Highway 58 to Pacific Crest Trail; south along Pacific Crest Trail to State Highway 138; north and west on State Highway 138 to Toketee junction; north on Toketee Road to North Umpqua River; west along North Umpqua River to Dixonville-Albany main power transmission line; north on Dixonville-Albany main power transmission line to Shoestring Road; east on Shoestring Road .8-mile to London Road; north on London Road and South 6th Street to Interstate Highway 5; north on Interstate Highway 5 to State Highway 58; southeast on State Highway 58 to Oakridge, point of beginning.

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