Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-022-0005
Tariff Specifications for Energy Utilities and Large Telecommunications Utilities


Form and style of tariffs:


Each energy or large telecommunications utility must designate the initial tariff as PUC Oregon No. 1, and designate successive tariffs with the next number in consecutive numerical order. Supplemental information not otherwise provided by the tariff must be inserted in the most appropriate location and denoted by the previous sheet numbers plus a letter, for example, 3A, 3B, etc. Revisions to tariffs must be denoted by 1st Revised Sheet No. 3, 2nd Revised Sheet No. 3, etc.;


The title page should be uniform. Rates, rules, and regulations must be written only on one side of a sheet. If a single sheet is insufficient, two or more pages should be used; and


Separate tariffs must be filed for electric, telecommunications, telegraph, gas, heat, or for any other service entered.


Size of tariffs and copies required: an


Tariffs and supplements thereto must be prepared using a readable font that, when printed, will fit on an 8-12 x 11 inch page; and


Energy and large telecommunication utilities must file with the Commission an original of each tariff, rate schedule, revision, or supplement in electronic form as required in OAR 860-001-0170 (Filing Requirements in Contested Case and Declaratory Ruling Proceedings). The advice letter accompanying the tariffs must bear the signature of the issuing officer or utility representative. The tariffs do not require a signature.

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