Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-022-0030
Requirements for Filing Tariffs or Schedules Naming Increased Rates


Each energy or large telecommunications utility filing tariffs or schedules which name increased rates shall submit therewith, in addition to requirements of OAR 860-022-0025 (Requirements for Filing Tariffs or Schedules Changing Rates), the following information:


A statement setting forth for each separate schedule the total number of customers affected, the total annual revenue derived under the existing schedule, and the amount of estimated revenue which will be derived from applying the proposed schedule;


A statement setting forth for each separate schedule the average monthly use and resulting bills under both the existing rates and the proposed rates for characteristic customers, which will fairly represent the application of the proposed tariff or schedules; and


A detailed statement setting forth the reasons or grounds relied upon in support of the proposed increase.


Additional information from the energy or large telecommunications may be required to be filed either before the Commission’s acceptance of the tendered filing or at any stage in the proceeding.

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Jun. 8, 2021