Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-022-0019
General Rate Revisions


Any utility filing new or revised tariff schedules that constitute a general rate revision must include supporting testimony and exhibits, work papers, and an executive summary. A general rate revision is a filing by a utility that affects all or most of the utility’s rate schedules. The term “general rate revision” does not include the exclusions in OAR 860-022-0017 (Announcement of Utility Tariff Changes)(1). The executive summary must contain an exhibit showing in summary form the following information:


The dollar amount of total revenues that would be collected under the proposed rates;


The dollar amount of revenue change requested, total revenues, and revenues net of any credits from federal agencies;


The percentage change in revenues requested, total revenues, and revenues net of any credits from federal agencies;


The test period;


The requested return on capital and return on equity;


The rate base proposed in the filing;


The results of operations before and after the proposed rate change; and


The proposed effect of the rate change on each class of customers.


The initial filing of a general rate revision must contain the following:


All information required by the most recent version of the Standard Data Requests for Energy Rate Cases, available at http://www.puc.state.or.us including tax-related information; and


A motion for a general protective order or modified protective order under OAR 860-001-0080 (Protective Orders), if necessary for the release of information under sections (1)(a) through (g), and (2)(a) of this rule.


Telecommunications utilities partially exempt from regulation under ORS 759.040 (Exemptions for certain unaffiliated utilities with fewer than 50,000 access lines) must file tariffs as specified in OAR 860-034-0300 (Tariffs of Small Telecommunications Utilities).

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