Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-022-0038
Notice to Interested Persons of Tariffs Filed Under ORS 757.205 or 759.175


This rule applies to any tariff filed by an energy utility under ORS 757.205 (Filing schedules with commission) or by a telecommunications utility under ORS 759.175 (Filing rate schedules and data with commission).


Any person who requests of the Commission, in writing, to be notified of utility tariff filings covered under section (1) of this rule must be included on a notice list.


The Commission must notify all persons on the notice list referred to in section (2) of this rule of any applicable tariff filing. The notice will be given within ten days of any tariff filing under section (1) of this rule that complies with OARs 860-022-0025 (Requirements for Filing Tariffs or Schedules Changing Rates) through 860-022-0035 (Special Contracts).


The Commission may periodically delete persons’ names from the notice list who do not demonstrate a continued interest in receiving the notices in section (2) of this rule. No person’s name may be deleted from the list without 20 days’ notice before deletion.


The notice must include the following information:


Name of the filing utility;




Advice number;


Filing date;


Effective date;


Date of the public meeting when the tariff will be considered (when the information is available);


Customer classes affected, if readily ascertainable from the utility’s advice letter; and


Whether the tariff schedule is primarily related to price competition or a service alternative, if readily ascertainable from the utility’s advice letter.

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