Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-024-0011
Inspections of Electric Supply and Communication Facilities


An operator of electric supply facilities or an operator of communication facilities must:


Construct, operate, and maintain its facilities in compliance with the Commission Safety Rules; and


Conduct detailed inspections of its overhead facilities to identify violations of the Commission Safety Rules.


The maximum interval between detailed inspections is ten years, with a recommended inspection rate of ten percent of overhead facilities per year. During the fifth year of the inspection cycle, the operator must:


Report to the Commission that 50 percent or more of its total facilities have been inspected pursuant to this rule; or


Report to the Commission that less than 50 percent of its total facilities have been inspected pursuant to this rule and provide a plan for Commission approval to inspect the remaining percentage within the next five years. The Commission may modify the plan or impose conditions to ensure sufficient inspection for safety purposes.


Detailed inspections include, but are not limited to, visual checks or practical tests of all facilities, to the extent required to identify violations of Commission Safety Rules. Where facilities are exposed to extraordinary conditions or when an operator has demonstrated a pattern of non-compliance with Commission Safety Rules, the Commission may require a shorter interval between inspections.


Conduct detailed facility inspections of its underground facilities on a ten-year maximum cycle, with a recommended inspection rate of 10 percent of underground facilities per year.


Maintain adequate written records of policies, plans and schedules to show that inspections and corrections are being carried out in compliance with this rule and OAR 860-024-0012 (Prioritization of Repairs by Operators of Electric Supply Facilities and Operators of Communication Facilities). Each operator must make these records available to the Commission upon its request.


Each operator of electric supply facilities must:


Designate an annual geographic area to be inspected pursuant to subsection (1)(b) of this rule within its service territory;


Provide timely notice of the designation of the annual geographic area to all owners and occupants. The annual coverage areas for the entire program must be made available in advance and in sufficient detail to allow all operators with facilities in that service territory to plan needed inspection and correction tasks. Unless the parties otherwise agree, operators must be notified of any changes to the established annual geographic area designation no later than 12 months before the start of the next year’s inspection; and


Perform routine safety patrols of overhead electric supply lines and accessible facilities for hazards to the public. The maximum interval between safety patrols is two years, with a recommended rate of 50 percent of lines and facilities per year.


Inspect electric supply stations on a 45 day maximum schedule.


Effective Dates


Subsection (2)(a) of this rule is effective January 1, 2007;


Subsection (1)(b) of this rule is effective January 1, 2008.

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