Oregon Public Utility Commission

Rule Rule 860-024-0012
Prioritization of Repairs by Operators of Electric Supply Facilities and Operators of Communication Facilities


A violation of the Commission Safety Rules that poses an imminent danger to life or property must be repaired, disconnected, or isolated by the operator immediately after discovery.


Except as otherwise provided by this rule, the operator must correct violations of Commission Safety Rules no later than two years after discovery.


An operator may elect to defer correction of violations of the Commission Safety Rules that pose little or no foreseeable risk of danger to life or property to correction during the next major work activity.


In no event shall a deferral under this section extend for more than ten years after discovery.


The operator must develop a plan detailing how it will remedy each such violation.


If more than one operator is affected by the deferral, all affected operators must agree to the plan. If any affected operators do not agree to the plan, the correction of violation(s) may not be deferred.

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