OAR 918-695-0100
Procedures for Submitting Training Proposals for Limited Specialty Plumbers


The employer shall submit to the board a detailed description of the training program and the means of its administration for the branch of the plumbing trade which the employer will conduct under OAR 918-695-0100 (Procedures for Submitting Training Proposals for Limited Specialty Plumbers).


Program description shall include:


The term of on-the-job training, including the minimum time required to learn, and the maximum time required by the employer to provide training, including any procedures for evaluating and crediting prior plumbing experience of the trainee;


A breakdown of the job experience into work processes, and the number of hours of on-the-job training to be devoted to each work process;


Provisions for related instructional training, including:


The total hours of related training in addition to the on-the-job training;


A breakdown of the related training into segments of instruction and hours to be devoted to each segment;


Where and during what hours the related training shall take place; and


The name of the related training instructor, if any, along with the instructor’s qualifications in subject matter by experience and training; or


The name of the correspondence course, together with any supplemental material to be used for related training; and


The type and degree of on-the-job supervision of the trainee, including provision for assigning trainees to work under the supervision of a licensed journeyman or limited specialty plumber to the full extent necessary to insure proper training.


Procedures to provide for periodic evaluation and reporting of the trainee’s program effectiveness, and the maintenance of records of these evaluations shall be made available to the division and the board upon request.


Methods of evaluating the trainee shall be established and the evaluations reported at least annually to the division and the board. Evaluations include rating of the trainee’s on-the-job progress by the trainee’s supervisor and testing of the trainee’s related training progress by the trainee’s instructor or through a correspondence school.

Source: Rule 918-695-0100 — Procedures for Submitting Training Proposals for Limited Specialty Plumbers, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=918-695-0100.

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