Property Rights

ORS 105.700
Prohibiting public access to private land

  • notice requirements
  • damages


In addition to and not in lieu of any other damages that may be claimed, a plaintiff who is a landowner shall receive liquidated damages in an amount not to exceed $1,000 in any action in which the plaintiff establishes that:


The plaintiff closed the land of the plaintiff as provided in subsection (2) of this section; and


The defendant entered and remained upon the land of the plaintiff without the permission of the plaintiff.


A landowner or an agent of the landowner may close the privately owned land of the landowner by posting notice as follows:


For land through which the public has no right of way, the landowner or agent must place a notice at each outer gate and normal point of access to the land, including both sides of a body of water that crosses the land wherever the body of water intersects an outer boundary line. The notice must be placed on a post, structure or natural object in the form of a sign or a blaze of paint. If a blaze of paint is used, it must consist of at least 50 square inches of fluorescent orange paint, except that when metal fence posts are used, approximately the top six inches of the fence post must be painted. If a sign is used, the sign:


Must be no smaller than eight inches in height and 11 inches in width;


Must contain the words “Closed to Entry” or words to that effect in letters no less than one inch in height; and


Must display the name, business address and phone number, if any, of the landowner or agent of the landowner.


For land through which or along which the public has an unfenced right of way by means of a public road, the landowner or agent must place:


A conspicuous sign no closer than 30 feet from the center line of the roadway where it enters the land, containing words substantially similar to “PRIVATE PROPERTY, NO TRESPASSING OFF ROAD NEXT _____ MILES”; or


A sign or blaze of paint, as described in paragraph (a) of this subsection, no closer than 30 feet from the center line of the roadway at regular intervals of not less than one-fourth mile along the roadway where it borders the land, except that a blaze of paint may not be placed on posts where the public road enters the land.


Nothing contained in this section prevents emergency or law enforcement vehicles from entering upon the posted land.


An award of liquidated damages under this section is not subject to ORS 31.725 (Pleading punitive damages), 31.730 (Standards for award of punitive damages) or 31.735 (Distribution of punitive damages).


Nothing in this section affects any other remedy, civil or criminal, that may be available for a trespass described in this section. [1999 c.933 §1]


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