Protective Proceedings

ORS 125.490
Status of persons dealing with conservator


A person who in good faith either assists a conservator or deals with the conservator for value in any transaction other than those requiring a court order under the provisions of this chapter is protected as if the conservator properly exercised the power. The fact that a person knowingly deals with a conservator does not require the person to inquire into existence of a power or the propriety of its exercise, except that restrictions on powers of conservators that are indorsed on letters are effective as to third persons. A person is not required to see to the proper application of estate assets paid or delivered to a conservator.


The protection provided under subsection (1) of this section:


Is not affected by any procedural irregularity or jurisdictional defect in the proceedings that resulted in the issuance of letters; and


Is in addition to the protection provided by comparable provisions of the laws relating to commercial transactions and laws simplifying transfers of securities by fiduciaries.


A person who holds property in which the protected person has an interest, or who is indebted either to the protected person or to the protected person and others, may enter into transactions with the conservator with respect to the property or debt to the same extent that the person could deal with the protected person if the protected person were not under protection. [1995 c.664 §52]


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