Protective Proceedings

ORS 125.535
Disposition of small estate

If at any time the estate of a protected person consists of personal property having a value not exceeding by more than $10,000 the aggregate amount of unpaid expenses of administration of the protected estate and claims against the estate, the conservator, with prior accounting and approval of the court by order, may pay the expenses and claims from the estate and deliver all the remaining personal property to the person designated by the court in the order, to be held, invested or used as ordered by the court. The recipient of the property shall give a receipt to the conservator. The receipt is a release of and acquittance to the conservator as to the property delivered. The conservator shall file in the protective proceeding proper receipts or other evidence satisfactory to the court showing the delivery. Upon the court receiving the evidence, the court shall enter an order terminating the protective proceeding. [1995 c.664 §61]


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