Violations and Fines

ORS 153.025
Authority of political subdivision to specify ordinance violation as particular level of violation


If a statute provides that violation of the ordinances of a political subdivision of this state constitutes an offense, as described in ORS 161.505 (“Offense” described), the political subdivision may by ordinance specify that violation of a specific ordinance of the political subdivision is subject to a specific fine, or a specific maximum fine, that is less in amount than the maximum fine for the offense specified by the statute. In addition, the political subdivision may specify that violation of the specific ordinance is a Class A, B, C or D violation under the provisions of ORS 153.012 (Violation categories) as long as the class specified in the ordinance is lower than the statutory classification for the offense.


Nothing in this section requires a political subdivision to use the classifications established by ORS 153.012 (Violation categories) or to use the presumptive fines established under ORS 153.019 (Presumptive fines) and 153.020 (Presumptive fines) for violations of ordinances adopted by the political subdivision. [1999 c.1051 §78; 2011 c.597 §111]


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