Offenses Against the State and Public Justice

ORS 162.115
Corroboration of falsity required

In any prosecution for perjury or false swearing, falsity of a statement may not be established solely through contradiction by the testimony of a single witness. [1971 c.743 §188]

Notes of Decisions

Where the defendant testified that he did not remember a fact about which he had previously made statements, the issue of whether the defendant knew and remembered such fact at the time of the testimony claimed to be perjured must, of necessity, be established by circumstantial evidence. State v. Shoemaker, 277 Or 55, 559 P2d 498 (1977)

Testimony by single witness concerning statements by defendant could not be corroborated through testimony of same witness concerning other observations. State v. Real, 131 Or App 737, 886 P2d 501 (1994)


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