Columbia River Gorge

ORS 196.405
Definitions for ORS 196.405 to 196.515

As used in ORS 196.405 (Definitions for ORS 196.405 to 196.515) to 196.515 (Short title), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Council” means the council established in ORS 196.438 (Ocean Policy Advisory Council).


“Exclusive Economic Zone” has the meaning set forth in Proc. 5030 whereby the United States proclaimed jurisdiction over the resources of the ocean within 200 miles of the coastline.


“Panel” means a project review panel established under ORS 196.453 (Project review panels).


“Plan” means the Oregon Ocean Resources Management Plan.


“Territorial sea” means the waters and seabed extending three geographical miles seaward from the coastline in conformance with federal law.


“Territorial Sea Plan” means the plan for Oregon’s territorial sea. [1987 c.576 §6; 1991 c.501 §2; 2003 c.744 §1]


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