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ORS 196.830
Estuarine resource replacement as condition for fill or removal from estuary

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  • other permit conditions


As used in this section, “estuarine resource replacement” means the creation, restoration or enhancement of an estuarine area to maintain the functional characteristics and processes of the estuary, such as its natural biological productivity, habitats and species diversity, unique features and water quality.


Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, the Director of the Department of State Lands shall require estuarine resource replacement as a condition of any permit for filling or removal of material from an intertidal or tidal marsh area of an estuary.


If the director requires estuarine resource replacement, the director shall consider:


The identified adverse impacts of the proposed activity;


The availability of areas in which replacement activities could be performed;


The provisions of land use plans for the area adjacent to or surrounding the area of the proposed activity;


The recommendations of any interested or affected state or local agencies; and


The extent of compensating activity inherent in the proposed activity.


Notwithstanding any provisions of this chapter and ORS chapters 195 and 197 or the statewide planning goals adopted thereunder to the contrary, the director may:


Waive estuarine resource replacement in part for an activity for which replacement would otherwise be required if, after consultation with appropriate state and local agencies the director determines that:


There is no alternative manner in which to accomplish the purpose of the project;


There is no feasible manner in which estuarine resource replacement could be accomplished;


The economic and public need for the project and the economic and public benefits resulting from the project clearly outweigh the potential degradation of the estuary;


The project is for a public use; and


The project is water dependent or the project is publicly owned and water related; or


Waive estuarine resource replacement wholly or in part for an activity for which replacement would otherwise be required if the activity is:


Filling for repair and maintenance of existing functional dikes and negligible physical or biological damage to the tidal marsh or intertidal areas of the estuary will result;


Riprap to allow protection of an existing bankline with clean, durable erosion resistant material when a need for riprap protection is demonstrated that cannot be met with natural vegetation and no appreciable increase in existing upland will occur;


Filling for repair and maintenance of existing roads and negligible physical or biological damage to the tidal marsh or intertidal areas of the estuary will result;


Dredging for authorized navigation channels, jetty or navigational aid installation, repair or maintenance conducted by or under contract with the Army Corps of Engineers;


Dredging or filling required as part of an estuarine resource restoration or enhancement project agreed to by local, state and federal agencies; or


A proposed alteration that would have negligible adverse physical or biological impact on estuarine resources.


Nothing in this section is intended to limit the authority of the director to impose conditions on a permit under ORS 196.825 (Criteria for issuance of permit). [Formerly 541.626 and then 196.700; 2005 c.22 §136]

(formerly 541.626)

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Notes of Decisions

These sections, regulating landfills, are codification of common law public trust doctrine that public use of lands underlying navigable waters may not be substantially modified except for water-related purposes. Morse v. Division of State Lands, 34 Or App 853, 581 P2d 520 (1978), aff'd 285 Or 197, 590 P2d 79 (1979)

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