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ORS 196.443
Duties of council


The purposes of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council are to:


Periodically review the Territorial Sea Plan and submit recommendations for the plan to state agencies represented on the council. The council shall recommend deletions to the Territorial Sea Plan of all site designations and management prescriptions to the Land Conservation and Development Commission.


Advance the policies of ORS 196.420 (Policy) to the federal government and any multistate bodies.


Provide a forum for discussing ocean resource policy, planning and management issues and, when appropriate, mediating disagreements.


Recommend amendments to the Oregon Ocean Resources Management Plan as needed. If the recommended amendments to the plan incorporate the establishment of a system of limited marine reserves or other protected areas, the council also shall perform an economic analysis of short-term and long-term effects that the establishment of such areas would have on coastal communities. Any recommended amendments related to marine reserves or marine protected areas shall be submitted to the State Fish and Wildlife Commission for review and approval.


Offer advice to the Governor, the State Land Board, state agencies and local governments on specific ocean resources management issues.


Encourage participation of federal agencies in discussion and resolution of ocean resources planning and management issues affecting Oregon.


The Ocean Policy Advisory Council may not, except to the extent of fulfilling its advisory capacity under subsection (1)(e) of this section, establish fishing seasons, harvest allocations, geographic restrictions or other harvest restrictions. [1991 c.501 §8; 2003 c.744 §9]
Note: See note under 196.438 (Ocean Policy Advisory Council).


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