State Waters and Ocean Resources

ORS 196.672

In addition to the policy described in ORS 196.805 (Policy), it is the policy of the State of Oregon to:


Promote the protection, conservation and best use of wetland resources, their functions and values through the integration and close coordination of statewide planning goals, local comprehensive plans and state and federal regulatory programs.


Use a single definition of “wetlands” for the purposes of ORS 196.800 (Definitions for ORS 196) to 196.921 (Applicability) and statewide planning goals and a single, uniform methodology of delineating wetland boundaries.


Develop a statewide inventory of wetlands based on uniform identification standards and criteria at a scale practicable for planning and regulatory purposes, and to make such inventory available to state agencies and local governments to facilitate better management of wetland resources and closer coordination of local, state and federal wetland programs.


Maintain a stable resource base of wetlands through the mitigation of losses of wetland resources and the adoption of the procedural mitigation standard currently used by federal agencies.


Establish the opportunity to increase wetland resources by encouraging wetland restoration and creation where appropriate.


Reduce the delays and uncertainty which can occur in the current wetland planning and regulatory framework through improved coordination of the provisions in ORS 196.800 (Definitions for ORS 196) to 196.921 (Applicability) with local land use planning and regulation and by providing mechanisms for expedited permit review consistent with the protection and conservation of wetland resources.


Continue to meet the requirements of federal law in the protection and management of wetland resources, while asserting the interests of this state, in concert with those of local governments in urging the federal resource and regulatory agencies to develop a uniform wetland policy and more consistent, cohesive standards to implement the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1344).


Develop and provide information to the general public concerning the functions, values and distribution of wetlands of this state to raise public awareness of these resources.


Promote the protection of wetland values on private lands by developing and using public recognition programs, incentives and other nonregulatory actions.


Encourage wetlands as an interim use of mining and construction sites on lands that were not originally wetlands and are designated for other than wetland purposes in an acknowledged comprehensive plan, while insuring that interim wetland use does not limit the future use of such sites for mining and construction. [1989 c.837 §3]


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