County Governing Bodies

ORS 203.720
Electors of county may adopt, amend, revise or repeal county charter

  • certain provisions, deemed matters of county concern, to prevail over state law

The electors of any county, by majority vote of such electors voting thereon at any legally called election, may adopt, amend, revise or repeal a county charter. The charter, or legislation passed by the county pursuant thereto, shall provide a method whereby the electors of the county, by majority vote of such electors voting thereon at any legally called election, may amend, revise or repeal the charter. The county charter and legislative provisions relating to the amendment, revision or repeal of the charter are deemed to be matters of county concern and shall prevail over any conflicting provisions of ORS 203.710 (Performance of functions by officers designated by county law) to 203.770 (Copies of charters and amendments, revisions and repeals) and other state statutes unless otherwise specifically provided by conflicting state statutes first effective after January 1, 1961. [1959 c.527 §2]

Notes of Decisions

Requirement of "legally called election" governs only in absence of contrary county law, and did not prohibit county board from holding special election on initiative petition where county charter provided for such special elections. Brummell v. Clark, 31 Or App 405, 570 P2d 671 (1977)

State substantive policy may be phrased as prohibition against local regulation without further elaboration or direction. deParrie v. State of Oregon, 133 Or App 613, 893 P2d 541 (1995), Sup Ct review denied

"Matters of county concern" does not include regulation of conduct of state or federal officials within county. State v. Logsdon, 165 Or App 28, 995 P2d 1178 (2000), Sup Ct review denied

§§ 203.710 to 203.810

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Proposing a charter by initiative, necessity for a charter committee, (1974) Vol 35, p 986

Law Review Citations

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Chapter 203

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Standards county may impose for approval of private roads created in partitioning land, (1972) Vol 35, p 1230


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