County Governing Bodies

ORS 203.760
Submission of proposed charter to electors after public hearing

  • approval of conflicting charters


The committee shall submit its proposed charter to the county clerk not later than the 90th day before the election at which the proposed charter is to be voted upon. Before the proposed charter is submitted to the county clerk, the committee shall conduct at least one public hearing thereon. After the proposed charter is submitted to the county clerk, the county clerk shall submit the proposed charter to the district attorney for a ballot title as provided in ORS 250.185 (Preparation of ballot titles by county governing body) (2). The ballot title is subject to judicial review as provided in ORS 250.195 (Procedure for elector dissatisfied with ballot title of county measure).


The charter proposed by the committee shall take effect on the day fixed therein if approved by majority vote of the electors of the county voting thereon.


If two or more conflicting county charters are approved at the same election, the one receiving the greatest number of affirmative votes shall be adopted. [1959 c.527 §7; 1979 c.190 §404; 1981 c.173 §6]
§§ 203.710 to 203.810

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