ORS 203.750
County funds for charter committee

  • committee staff
  • county officials to cooperate


Notwithstanding ORS 294.305 (Sections constituting Local Budget Law) to 294.565 (Failure to file copy of required budget, reports or other documents), if the county court is notified of the sufficiency of a petition requesting the appointment of a committee, or if it files its resolution requesting the appointment of a committee, the county, acting through the county court, shall cause to be made available from funds of the county an amount equal at least to one cent per elector of the county or $500, whichever amount is greater, for the purpose of paying the expenses of the committee in the preparation of the charter. Members of the committee shall serve without pay. The committee, within the limit of funds available to it, may employ such persons, or contract for their services, as it may deem necessary to aid it in the performance of its functions. Persons employed by the committee are exempt from civil service. The county, acting through the county court, shall cause to be furnished free of charge to the committee adequate office space and, notwithstanding ORS 294.305 (Sections constituting Local Budget Law) to 294.565 (Failure to file copy of required budget, reports or other documents), may cause money, in addition to the required minimum amount, to be appropriated for the committee. The committee shall submit to the county court a budget covering estimates of its expenditures. With respect to expenditures in excess of the minimum amount of money required to be made available, the budget as approved or revised and approved by the county court shall represent the authorized limits of the committee’s expenditures. Any balance remaining unexpended shall be transferred to the general fund of the county unless other provisions were made at the time of the appropriation to the committee. The county treasurer is authorized to disburse funds of the committee on its order.


The committee may conduct interviews and make investigations which to it seem necessary in order to draft a charter; and, to the fullest extent practicable, county officials and employees shall cooperate with the committee and provide it with information, advice and assistance. [1959 c.527 §6]

Source: Section 203.750 — County funds for charter committee; committee staff; county officials to cooperate, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors203.­html.

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