County Clerks

ORS 205.126
Enforcement of order or warrant recorded in County Clerk Lien Record

  • renewal of order or warrant
  • notice of renewal


At any time after recording an order or warrant in the County Clerk Lien Record, a complainant or claimant or an attorney for an agency, complainant or claimant may file in the circuit court for the county where the order or warrant is recorded, a copy of the original order or warrant certified by the agency to be a true copy of original, and an affidavit of the complainant, claimant or attorney verifying that the order or warrant was recorded in the County Clerk Lien Record for that county, the date that the order or warrant was recorded and the date on which any notice of renewal was recorded under subsection (2) of this section. Subject to any other requirements that may apply to the enforcement remedy sought by the agency, complainant or claimant, proceedings may thereafter be commenced by the agency, complainant or claimant for the enforcement of the order or warrant, in the same manner as provided for the enforcement of judgments issued by a court. Enforcement proceedings may include:


Writ of execution proceedings under ORS 18.252 (Execution) to 18.993 (Effect of ORS 18.860 to 18.993 on court’s ability to direct seizure).


Proceedings in support of execution under ORS 18.265 (Debtor examination), 18.268 (Conduct of debtor examination) and 18.270 (Written interrogatories).


Garnishment proceedings under ORS 18.600 (Definitions) to 18.850 (Challenge to garnishment form).


At any time within 10 years after the recording of an order or warrant, an agency, complainant or claimant, acting with or without the assistance of an attorney, may renew an order or warrant by recording a notice of renewal in the County Clerk Lien Record. A notice of renewal recorded within the time specified by this subsection has the attributes and effect of an extension of judgment remedies noted in the register under ORS 18.182 (Extension of judgment remedies), from the date that the notice is recorded. A notice of renewal recorded under this section must state:


The name of the agency that issued the order or warrant or the name of the complainant or claimant in whose favor an order of the Construction Contractors Board or State Landscape Contractors Board has been given;


The names of all persons against whom a monetary obligation is imposed under the order or warrant; and


The date of recording and the recording number, the book and page number for the recording, or the volume and page number for the recording.


For the purposes of this section:


“Agency” means any state officer, board, commission, corporation, institution, department or other state body that has authority to record an order or warrant in the County Clerk Lien Record.


“Complainant or claimant” means a person in favor of which a board order has been recorded under the provisions of ORS 671.707 (Actions following final order of board) or 701.153 (Recording of order as lien). [1997 c.387 §2; 1999 c.153 §6; 2001 c.249 §75; 2003 c.576 §195; 2007 c.793 §5; 2007 c.836 §41]


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