ORS 205.180
Entry in appropriate record of instruments received for recording


The county clerk shall make in the appropriate record correct entries of every instrument required by law to be recorded.


Whenever any instrument has been received for record, the county clerk shall immediately place upon such instrument a certificate, noting the day, hour and minute of its reception and fees received for recording and, when recorded, a reference to where it is recorded. The date of record of such instrument is the date of recordation.


Whenever any instrument has been recorded, the county clerk shall immediately make an entry in the record of the clerk with the amount paid as fee for recording.


After such instrument has been recorded the county clerk shall return it to the person who recorded or is authorized to receive the same, writing the name of the person to whom it is delivered in the record. [Amended by 1987 c.586 §33; 1999 c.654 §18]

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