ORS 205.246
Instruments to be recorded

  • fees


The county clerk shall record the following instruments required or permitted by law to be recorded and entered in the office of the county clerk:


Financing statements recorded in the office of the county clerk under ORS 79.0501 (UCC 9-501. Filing office) (1)(a);


Hospital and physician liens recorded under ORS 87.565 (Notice of lien required);


Federal tax liens and certificates and notices affecting federal tax liens recorded under ORS 87.806 (Filing of federal tax liens);


Cooperative contracts recorded under ORS 62.360 (Recording cooperative contracts);


Special district assessments attaching to real property;


Lien foreclosure statements recorded under ORS 87.202 (Statement of account of foreclosure sale);


A certified copy of the judgment or a lien record abstract or other liens affecting the title to real property;


Building code exemptions required under ORS 455.320 (Owner-built dwellings exempt from certain structural code provisions) and 455.345 (Permit, fee, plan check and inspection provisions apply);


Construction liens recorded under ORS 87.050 (Recording);


Liens upon chattels recorded under ORS 87.246 (Recording);


Liens on real property recorded under ORS 87.372 (Recording);


Employee benefit plan liens recorded under ORS 87.860 (Filing of claim of lien);


Attorney liens recorded under ORS 87.455 (Filing notice of claim of lien on judgment for possession of personal property) and 87.460 (Filing of notice of claim of lien on judgment for possession of real property);


Long term care liens recorded under ORS 87.517 (Recording notice of lien);


Ambulance services liens recorded under ORS 87.623 (Notices recorded in lien docket);


Community property records recorded under ORS 108.530 (Removal of community property status by agreement);


Sheriff transfer of records recorded under ORS 206.100 (Written assignment of items delivered);


Corrected instruments required under ORS 205.244 (Rerecording of corrected instruments);


Mineral and mining records required under ORS 517.030 (Recording copy of location notice), 517.052 (Recording copy of location notice), 517.160 (Location of nonmineral land as millsite), 517.180 (Procedure for extinguishing dormant mineral interest), 517.210 (Recording affidavit of annual compliance), 517.220 (Affidavit or lack thereof as evidence), 517.280 (Certificate of ownership), 517.310 (Recording and indexing certificate) and 517.320 (Counteraffidavits of delinquent owner);


Copies of records certified by a county clerk or court clerk;


Subdivision and partition plats recorded under ORS 92.140 (Indexing of plats);
Condominiums recorded under ORS chapter 100;


Requests for notice of transfer or encumbrance or terminations of requests for notice of transfer or encumbrance presented for recordation under ORS 411.694 (Request for notice of transfer or encumbrance of real property held by recipient of public assistance or medical assistance);
Bankruptcy documents presented for recordation under ORS 93.770 (Recordability of notices of bankruptcy and petitions, orders and judgments from bankruptcy cases);


A written warranty agreement under ORS 701.605 (Recording of written warranty agreement);


An instrument, as described in ORS 86.722 (Correction of error concerning status or effect of trust deed), to correct errors in a recorded trust deed;


An order or decision under section 8 (7), chapter 424, Oregon Laws 2007, or section 6, chapter 855, Oregon Laws 2009, that is final by operation of law or on appeal;


A notice of designation of substantial damage described in ORS 105.780 (Notice of substantial damage from flooding to residential structures);


A notice of remedy of substantial damage described in ORS 105.780 (Notice of substantial damage from flooding to residential structures); and


An affidavit of an owner of a facility, as defined in ORS 90.100 (Definitions), certifying the owner’s compliance with ORS 90.800 (Policy) to 90.850 (Owner affidavit certifying compliance with requirements for sale of facility).


The county clerk shall charge and collect fees specified in ORS 205.320 (Fees collected by county clerk), 205.327 (Penalty for presenting nonstandard instruments for recording) and 205.350 (Fees for approving and recording plats) for recording an instrument required to be recorded under subsection (1) of this section.


Indexes may be maintained for instruments recorded under subsection (1) of this section in the same manner as provided in ORS 205.160 (Indexes kept by county clerk). [1989 c.791 §21; 1991 c.230 §14; enacted in lieu of 205.245 in 1997; 1999 c.654 §§21,21a; 2001 c.301 §23; 2001 c.445 §169; 2001 c.501 §9; 2003 c.638 §4; 2005 c.85 §2; 2005 c.169 §3; 2008 c.48 §3; 2009 c.628 §1; 2009 c.855 §15; 2013 c.303 §2; 2014 c.89 §13]

Source: Section 205.246 — Instruments to be recorded; fees, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors205.­html.

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