Oregon Public Employees Retirement System
ORS 238.580
Application of PERS laws to judges


Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, ORS 238.005 (Definitions) (4) and (26), 238.025 (Effect of service interruptions on membership), 238.078 (Reemployment of retired members), 238.082 (Limits on hours worked by retired members), 238.092 (Option of legislators to receive certain benefits), 238.115 (Alternate method of restoring credit forfeited by reason of termination of membership) (1), 238.250 (Regular accounts), 238.255 (Credits to regular accounts when earnings less than assumed interest rate), 238.260 (Variable Annuity Account), 238.350 (Use of unused leave to increase retirement allowance), 238.364 (Calculation of increased benefit payable under ORS 238.362), 238.410 (Board may contract for insurance for retirees), 238.415 (Payment toward cost of pre-Medicare insurance), 238.420 (Payment toward cost of Medicare supplemental insurance), 238.445 (Benefits exempt from execution, bankruptcy and certain taxes), 238.458 (Unclaimed benefits), 238.460 (Waiver of retirement allowance), 238.465 (Benefits payable to others under certain judgments), 238.475 (Effect of transfer of employee to another participating employer), 238.600 (System established), 238.605 (Actuarial report on system), 238.610 (Administrative expenses of system), 238.618 (Exclusion of employer or employee from system to maintain tax qualification), 238.630 (Board generally), 238.635 (Board consideration of system goals and objectives), 238.645 (Director and staff), 238.650 (Rules of board), 238.655 (Procedure for board hearings), 238.660 (Fund generally), 238.665 (Contributions and interest not included in board’s budget), 238.670 (Reserve accounts in fund) and 238.705 (State departments to remit contributions and furnish reports) and the increases provided by ORS 238.366 (Retirement allowance increase based on years of service) for members of the system who are serving as other than police officers or firefighters apply in respect to service as a judge member.


This chapter applies in respect to persons described in ORS 238.505 (Judges as PERS members) (1) and in respect to service as a judge member only as specifically provided in ORS 238.500 (Definitions for ORS 238.500 to 238.585) to 238.585 (Use of creditable service by person who serves as both member and judge member).


ORS 238.005 (Definitions) (26)(c)(M) does not apply in respect to service as a judge member. [Formerly 237.233; 1999 c.317 §23; 2001 c.945 §62; 2005 c.152 §9; 2011 c.9 §25; 2011 c.637 §74a; 2019 c.355 §41]
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