State Borrowing

ORS 286A.005
Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds


The State Treasurer shall issue and sign bonds of the State of Oregon. The State Treasurer may sign a bond by manual or facsimile signature.


Unless otherwise authorized by law other than this section, the State Treasurer may issue bonds only if a related agency has requested that the bonds be issued.


In determining whether to issue bonds, the State Treasurer shall consider:


The bond market for the type of bonds proposed for issuance;


The terms and conditions of the proposed issue; and


Other relevant factors that the State Treasurer considers necessary to protect the financial integrity of the State of Oregon.


The State Treasurer may sell bonds for more than one related agency or for more than one purpose in a single sale or in combination with the sale of other bonds.


The State Treasurer is an applicable elected representative for the purpose of approving the issuance of bonds when approval is required under section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The State Treasurer may adopt rules providing for the procedural or administrative requirements for the issuance of obligations, as defined in ORS 286A.100 (Definitions for ORS 286A). [2007 c.783 §3]


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