State Borrowing

ORS 286A.816
Definitions for ORS 286A

As used in ORS 286A.816 (Definitions for ORS 286A) to 286A.826 (Budgeting for Article XI-Q project costs):


“Article XI-Q bonds” means general obligation bonds issued under the authority of Article XI-Q of the Oregon Constitution.


“Bond-related costs” means:


The costs of paying the principal of, the interest on and the premium, if any, on Article XI-Q bonds.


The costs and expenses of issuing, administering and maintaining Article XI-Q bonds including, but not limited to, the costs and expenses of:


Redeeming Article XI-Q bonds.


Paying amounts due in connection with credit enhancement devices or agreements for exchange of interest rates.


Paying the fees, administrative costs and expenses of the State Treasurer, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services or the project agency, including the costs of consultants or advisers retained by the State Treasurer, the department or the project agency.


The costs of funding reserves for the Article XI-Q bonds.


Capitalized interest for the Article XI-Q bonds.


Rebates or penalties due to the United States in connection with the Article XI-Q bonds.


Any other costs or expenses that the State Treasurer, the department or the project agency determines are necessary or desirable in connection with issuing and maintaining the Article XI-Q bonds.


“Project agency” means a state agency that administers a project that is financed with Article XI-Q bond proceeds. [2011 c.14 §2]


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