State Borrowing

ORS 286A.035
Bond budget authorization


Each related agency shall report the plans of the related agency for the issuance of bonds during the next biennium. The related agency shall submit the related agency’s report to the Governor by a date determined by the Governor and shall include in the report a description of bonds that the related agency intends to retire or defease during the next biennium.


On or before a date determined by the Governor, the State Treasurer shall advise the Governor on the prudent maximum amount of bonds to be issued for each bond program. The State Treasurer shall consider available economic and financial data in preparing advice to be given to the Governor.


As part of the Governor’s budget described in ORS 291.216 (Governor’s budget), the Governor shall:


Consider the prudent maximum amounts advised by the State Treasurer pursuant to subsection (2) of this section to determine the Governor’s total recommended amount; and


Recommend to the Legislative Assembly the total amount of bonds the State Treasurer may issue for each bond program for a biennium.


The Legislative Assembly shall determine the amount of bonds the State Treasurer may issue for each state agency for a biennium. If the Legislative Assembly fails to make the determination described in this subsection by the first day of the biennium, the unused portion of the authorization the Legislative Assembly made for the preceding biennium is deemed to carry forward for the current biennium at the amount authorized for the preceding biennium until the earlier of:


The date on which legislation authorizing the amount of bonds for the current biennium is enacted; or


The date on which the Legislative Assembly adjourns sine die.


The amount of bonds that may be issued under bond programs may be modified by the Governor. However, the Governor may not modify the amount of bonds that may be issued under bond programs in a way that would cause the maximum amount established by the Legislative Assembly for a category of bond programs to be exceeded if the Legislative Assembly:


Has categorized the bonds that may be issued under bond programs as general obligation, direct revenue and pass-through revenue bonds; and


Assigned a maximum amount to each category.


This section applies to bonds:


Unless the bonds are expressly exempted from the requirements of this section.


Except refunding bonds. [2007 c.783 §9; 2013 c.766 §1; 2015 c.767 §8; 2015 c.828 §28; 2016 c.117 §47]


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