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ORS 286A.768
Education Seismic Fund

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The Education Seismic Fund is established in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund. Amounts in the seismic fund may be invested as provided in ORS 293.701 (Definitions for ORS 293) to 293.857 (Separate accounts for each local government), and interest earned on the seismic fund must be credited to the seismic fund. Amounts credited to the seismic fund are continuously appropriated to the Oregon Business Development Department for the purpose described in ORS 286A.762 (Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds) (2) and for the purpose of paying bond-related costs. The department shall deposit in the seismic fund:


The net proceeds of Article XI-M bonds transferred pursuant to ORS 286A.762 (Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds) (3);


Amounts appropriated or otherwise provided by the Legislative Assembly for deposit in the seismic fund;


Gifts, grants or contributions received by the department for the purpose described in ORS 286A.762 (Authority of State Treasurer to issue bonds) (2); and


Moneys received as repayment of, as a return on or in exchange for the grant or loan of net proceeds of Article XI-M bonds.


The department may create separate accounts in the seismic fund as appropriate for the management of moneys in the seismic fund.


The department and any other state agency or other entity receiving or holding net proceeds of Article XI-M bonds shall, at the direction of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, take action necessary to maintain the excludability of interest on Article XI-M bonds from gross income under the Internal Revenue Code.


The department shall transfer to the Article XI-M Bond Administration Fund the unexpended and uncommitted amounts remaining in the seismic fund if:


Unexpended funds that are not contractually committed to a particular purpose remain in the seismic fund on the last day of the biennium; and


Article XI-M bonds will be outstanding in the next biennium.


The department may adopt rules to carry out this section including, but not limited to, establishing:


Required contributions from applicants;




Standards, terms and conditions under which moneys in the seismic fund may be granted, loaned or otherwise made available; and


Procedures for distributing and monitoring the use of moneys from the seismic fund. [Formerly 286.768; 2013 c.782 §7]


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