State Borrowing

ORS 286A.804
Article XI-P Bond Administration Fund

  • purposes


The Article XI-P Bond Administration Fund is established in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund. Amounts in the Article XI-P Bond Administration Fund may be invested as provided in ORS 293.701 (Definitions for ORS 293) to 293.857 (Separate accounts for each local government), and interest earned on the bond administration fund must be credited to the bond administration fund. Amounts credited to the bond administration fund are continuously appropriated to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services for payment of bond-related costs. The department shall credit to the bond administration fund:


Proceeds of Article XI-P bonds that were issued to pay bond-related costs;


Amounts appropriated or otherwise provided by the Legislative Assembly for deposit in the bond administration fund; and


Amounts transferred from the School Capital Matching Fund established under ORS 286A.806 (School Capital Matching Fund) as described in section 4, Article XI-P of the Oregon Constitution.


At the request of the department, the State Treasurer may create separate accounts in the bond administration fund as provided in ORS 286A.025 (Issuance and sale of bonds) (2)(g). [2011 c.699 §5; 2017 c.9 §7]


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