Property Subject to Taxation

ORS 307.040
Property of the United States

  • certain electricity transmission system property leased to United States


As used in this section, “United States” means the federal government or an agency or instrumentality of the federal government.


Except as provided in ORS 307.050 (Property of the United States held under contract of sale), 307.060 (Property of the United States held under lease or other interest less than fee), 307.070 (Settled or claimed government land) and 307.080 (Mining claims), all property of the United States, its agencies or instrumentalities, is exempt from taxation to the extent that taxation of the property is forbidden by law.


Notwithstanding ORS 308.505 (Definitions for ORS 308) to 308.674 (Exemption equal to difference between real market value of company’s centrally assessable property and 130 percent of cost of company’s centrally assessable real and tangible personal property), for purposes of this section, property the title to which is held by a person other than the United States and that is leased to the United States under a lease or lease-purchase agreement is property of the United States if:


The property is operated or used in furtherance of a statutory responsibility of the United States with respect to a high-voltage electricity transmission system that the United States owns and operates within the Pacific Northwest;


The property is constructed on or affixed to real property interests of the United States; and


Upon expiration of the lease or lease-purchase agreement, the United States has an option to purchase the property for a nominal price, if the debt incurred by the person to acquire the property has been paid. [Amended by 1953 c.698 §7; 2013 c.336 §1]


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