Property Subject to Taxation

ORS 307.385
Credit to resident’s account with share of tax exemption

  • denial of exemption if credit not given

Not later than December 15 of each year, a corporation that has received a real property exemption for the current year under ORS 307.370 (Property of nonprofit homes for elderly persons) shall credit the account of each resident of a facility whose living unit was taken into account in determining the real property exemption. The amount of the credit must equal the amount of real property taxes that would have been assessed and collected against the corporation for that portion of the assessed value of such living unit included in computing the corporation’s exemption. The county assessor shall furnish the corporation with the information necessary for the corporation to make the computation. Prior to the following February 1, the corporation shall satisfy the assessor that credit has been given each applicable resident as required by this section. If the corporation fails to satisfy the assessor that the applicable resident has received the credit, the assessor must deny the corporation any property tax exemption under ORS 307.370 (Property of nonprofit homes for elderly persons) to 307.385 (Credit to resident’s account with share of tax exemption) or 308.490 (Determining value of homes for elderly persons) in the next assessment year, beginning January 1. [1969 c.587 §6; 1975 c.780 §2; 1991 c.459 §57; 1997 c.541 §119; 2005 c.94 §34]
Chapter 307

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Validity of ad valorem and severance taxation of logs destined for export, (1975) Vol 37, p 427; application of Article XI, section 11b of Oregon Constitution to this chapter, (1990) Vol 46, p 388

Law Review Citations

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