Highway Lighting Districts

ORS 372.045
County board as district governing board

  • filing petition
  • landowners as signatories
  • transfer of records and files


The county board may be established as the governing board of a district. If the petition for formation filed under ORS 372.040 (Petition for formation of district) requests the county board to be the governing board of the district and the district is formed as provided by ORS 198.795 (Jurisdiction over district formation) to 198.845 (Costs), the county board shall act as the district board thereafter.


After the formation of a district, the county board shall act as the district board if a petition is filed with the county board requesting that it do so. The petition may be presented by the district board or it may be presented by the landowners in the district. A petition presented by landowners shall be signed by landowners within the district owning not less than 50 percent of the front footage abutting the portion of highway included within the district. A copy of a landowners’ petition shall be sent to the district board before it is filed with the county board. When a county board becomes the governing body of a district under this subsection, the district board shall turn over to the county board the books, records, files, assets and obligations of the district and upon the delivery thereof, the county board shall become and thereafter act as the district board. [1971 c.514 §20b; 1987 c.158 §65]


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