Highway Lighting Districts

ORS 372.210

  • terms of commissioners
  • disqualification
  • vacancies


Within 10 days after the issuance of the order proclaiming the formation of a district, the commissioners shall meet and organize by each first taking and subscribing an oath of office.


After qualifying, the commissioners first appointed shall determine by lot the length of term each shall hold office. The term of one commissioner shall expire the first Monday in January next following the appointment of that commissioner and the terms of the other four shall expire one in one year, one in two years and two in three years after the first Monday in January next following their appointment.


Each year during December the county board shall appoint a successor for any commissioner whose term expires the next following January.


If a commissioner ceases to be an elector of the district, or if a commissioner who is not an elector of the district and who is appointed to serve under ORS 372.200 (District commissioners) (3) or 372.360 (Appointment of board for consolidated district) (2) ceases to be an elector of the state or an owner of land within the district, the commissioner is automatically disqualified. If a vacancy occurs as provided by this subsection or for any other cause, the county board shall by order appoint a successor to hold office until the expiration of the predecessor’s term. [Amended by 1969 c.669 §7; 1971 c.514 §21; 1983 c.48 §2]


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