Highway Lighting Districts

ORS 372.470
Filing of dissolution plan with county board

  • notice
  • hearing


When the district board has complied with ORS 372.460 (Board findings on proposed dissolution), it shall thereupon file the petition or resolution with the county board of the county and request dissolution of the district in accordance with the plan. No proposal shall be filed until the assent of all known holders of valid indebtedness against the district is obtained or provision is made in the plan for payment of the nonassenting holders.


Upon the filing of the proposal, the county board shall fix a time for, and cause notice to be given of, a hearing on the petition. The hearing shall be held not less than 30 nor more than 50 days after the date the petition is filed with the board. Notice of the hearing shall be given by:


Posting in three public places within the district not less than 15 days prior to the hearing; and


Publication in some newspaper of general circulation in the district once a week for three successive weeks before the hearing, making three publications, the last publication being at least five days before the hearing.


The notice shall state the time and the place of the hearing, that it is proposed to dissolve the district and that any interested person may appear and shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard. The notice shall give a brief summary of the proposed plan of dissolution and liquidation and state that a copy is on file at the office of the county clerk, available for inspection. [1971 c.514 §35]


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