Highway Lighting Districts

ORS 372.480
Grounds for granting dissolution

  • assumption of district indebtedness
  • disposition of surplus
  • statement of dissolution


After the hearing, if the county board determines it is in the best interest of the district to dissolve, it shall grant the petition and enter an order dissolving the district or the county board may deny the petition. If an order is entered dissolving the district, the district board shall thereupon constitute a board of trustees to dispose of the property of the district and pay its debts and obligations or procure releases thereof.


If a county service district assumes all indebtedness of the highway lighting district and undertakes to continue to furnish service to the inhabitants pursuant to the plan of dissolution and liquidation, and if the consent of all the known holders of valid indebtedness against the district has been obtained or provision has been made in the plan for payment of the nonassenting holders, the board of trustees may convey to the county service district all assets of the highway lighting district as described by the district board under ORS 372.460 (Board findings on proposed dissolution) after paying and discharging the debts to, or procuring releases from, the nonassenting holders.


Except as provided by subsection (2) of this section, any surplus funds remaining to the credit of the district, after payment of the indebtedness of the district, shall be turned over to the county treasurer to become a part of the general fund of the county. If the assets of the district are insufficient to pay the indebtedness, the board of trustees shall levy taxes, within the limits of the authority of the district, for the liquidation of such indebtedness.


Upon completing liquidation of the highway lighting district, the board of trustees shall execute, under oath, a signed statement that the district has been dissolved and its affairs liquidated, which statement shall be filed in the office of the county clerk of the county. [1971 c.514 §36]


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