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ORS 390.560
Uses of All-Terrain Vehicle Account

Moneys in the All-Terrain Vehicle Account established under ORS 390.555 (All-Terrain Vehicle Account) shall be used for the following purposes only:


In each 12-month period, no less than 10 percent of the moneys described in ORS 390.555 (All-Terrain Vehicle Account) that are attributable to Class I all-terrain vehicles shall be transferred to the Department of Transportation for the development and maintenance of snowmobile facilities as provided in ORS 802.110 (Procedures for financial administration);


Planning, promoting and implementing a statewide all-terrain vehicle program, including the acquisition, development and maintenance of all-terrain vehicle recreation areas;


Education and safety training for all-terrain vehicle operators;


Provision of first aid and police services related to all-terrain vehicle recreation;


Paying the costs of instigating, developing or promoting new programs for all-terrain vehicle users and of advising people of possible usage areas for all-terrain vehicles;


Paying the costs of coordinating between all-terrain vehicle user groups and the managers of public lands;


Paying the costs of providing consultation and guidance to all-terrain vehicle user programs;


Paying the costs of administration of the all-terrain vehicle programs, including staff support provided under ORS 390.565 (All-Terrain Vehicle Advisory Committee) as requested by the All-Terrain Vehicle Advisory Committee;


Paying the costs of law enforcement activities related to the operation of all-terrain vehicles. The State Parks and Recreation Department shall determine the amount required for law enforcement activities and the intervals at which the moneys shall be distributed. The funds available shall be apportioned according to the terms of an intergovernmental agreement entered into between the State Parks and Recreation Department and a city, the Department of State Police or the sheriff of a county; and


Control and eradication of invasive species related to all-terrain vehicle recreation. [1999 c.977 §4; 2005 c.22 §267; 2007 c.887 §9; 2009 c.812 §1; 2009 c.825 §5; 2011 c.360 §8]


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