Scenic Waterways

ORS 390.956


In order to provide for the ever-increasing outdoor recreation needs of an expanding resident and tourist population and in order to promote public access to, travel within and enjoyment and appreciation of, the open-air, outdoor areas of Oregon, trails should be established both near the urban areas of this state and within, adjacent to or connecting highly scenic areas more remotely located.


The purpose of ORS 390.950 (Short title) to 390.989 (Eminent domain does not apply to department powers or duties under ORS 390.950 to 390.989) and 390.995 (Criminal penalties) (2) is to provide the means for attaining these objectives by instituting a system of recreation trails in this state, by designating certain trails as the initial components of that system, and by prescribing the methods of which, and standards according to which, additional components may be added to the system. [1971 c.614 §3]


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Jun. 26, 2021