Scenic Waterways

ORS 390.760
Exceptions from vegetation line

ORS 390.640 (Permit required for improvements on ocean shore) does not apply to any state-owned land or to headlands and other lands located at an elevation of more than 16 feet and seaward of a line running between the following designated and numbered points which are more particularly described by ORS 390.770 (Vegetation line described). The elevation mentioned in this section refers to the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Sea-Level Datum of 1929 through the Pacific Northwest Supplementary Adjustment of 1947.
Point Designation Point Designation
and Number and Number
From To From To
Cl-7-6 Cl-7-7 Cl-7-55 Cl-7-56
Cl-7-10 Cl-7-11 Cl-7-76 Cl-7-77
Cl-7-13 Cl-7-14 Cl-7-115 Cl-7-116
Cl-7-52 Cl-7-53 Cl-7-134 Cl-7-135
Ti-7-3 Ti-7-4 La-7-72 La-7-73
Ti-7-6 Ti-7-7 La-7-87 La-7-88
Ti-7-18 Ti-7-19 Do-8-78 Do-8-79
Ti-7-33 Ti-7-34 Co-7-82 Co-7-83
Ti-7-83 Ti-7-84 Co-7-111 Co-7-112
Ti-7-88 Ti-7-89 Co-7-146 Co-7-147
Ti-7-94 Ti-7-95 Co-7-178 Co-7-179
Ti-7-99 Ti-7-100 Co-7-200 Co-7-201
Ti-7-113 Ti-7-114 Co-7-229 Co-7-230
Ti-7-168 Ti-7-169 Cu-7-25 Cu-7-26
Ti-7-183 Ti-7-184 Cu-7-54 Cu-7-55
Ti-7-249 Ti-7-250 Cu-7-155 Cu-7-156
Li-7-2A Li-7-3 Cu-7-167 Cu-7-167A
Li-7-10 Li-7-11 Cu-7-167E Cu-7-168
Li-7-17 Li-7-18 Cu-7-174 Cu-7-175
Li-7-73 Li-7-74 Cu-7-196 Cu-7-197
Li-7-118 Li-7-119 Cu-7-201 Cu-7-202
Li-7-150 Li-7-151 Cu-7-219 Cu-7-220
Li-7-154 Li-7-155 Cu-7-225 Cu-7-226
Li-7-161 Li-7-162 Cu-7-236 Cu-7-237
Li-7-165 Li-7-166 Cu-7-258 Cu-7-259
Li-7-167A Li-7-168 Cu-7-268 Cu-7-269
Li-7-170 Li-7-171 Cu-7-288 Cu-7-289
Li-7-176 Li-7-177 Cu-7-310 Cu-7-311
Li-7-182 Li-7-183 Cu-7-314 Cu-7-315
Li-7-215 Li-7-216 Cu-7-363 Cu-7-364
Li-7-269 Li-7-270 Cu-7-382 Cu-7-383
Li-7-293 Li-7-294 Cu-7-393 Cu-7-394
Li-7-296 Li-7-297 Cu-7-400 Cu-7-401
Li-7-314 Li-7-315 Cu-7-440 Cu-7-441
Li-7-325 Li-7-326 Cu-7-451 Cu-7-452
Li-7-357 Li-7-358 Cu-7-459 Cu-7-460
Li-7-377 Li-7-378 Cu-7-493 Cu-7-494
Li-7-439 La-7-1 Cu-7-513 Cu-7-514
La-7-9 La-7-10 Cu-7-516 Cu-7-517
La-7-19 La-7-20 Cu-7-538 Cu-7-539
La-7-44 La-7-45 Cu-7-557 Cu-7-558 [1969 c.601 §9]
§§ 390.610 to 390.770

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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